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FDAQ Series

The Al Volo FDAQ series of flight data acquisition systems provide a complete integrated solution for in-flight measurement at rates of 100, 200, or 400 Hz. The system includes a highly intuitive interface that deploys from the unit to an internet-enabled device via WIFI or USB Ethernet, or to a hand-held console to make configuration and data handling stress-free. Custom integration of additional sensors into the system can be performed upon request.

  • Onboard inertial, GPS, analog, servo, ported air-data, propulsion sensors and a datalink radio in a small, robust enclosure.
  • High level of integration and intuitive interface reduces the effort and cost of system operation.
  • Non-ITAR and freely available worldwide.

The FDAQ series of flight data acquisition systems features a wide range of configurations. A summary of the available system specifications is given below. A full list of configurations options can be found under the documents tab.

Sampling Rate 100, 200, or 400 Hz
IMU & GNSS[1] Internal 9DOF IMU/AHRS and/or GNSS module
Xsens MTi-G-710 GNSS/INS
Custom unit integrated upon request
Analog Inputs[2] 32 channels, 0–5 V input, 12-bit resolution with optional 8-bit amplifier
Servo Inputs[3] 22 channels, 1000–2000 µS PWM, 12-bit resolution
4 servo serial buses, Futaba S.Bus or others
Other Inputs[4] Internal pressure and temperature measurement
12, 5-180 mph pitot-static probe, 0.1 mph resolution
12, optical RPM measurement
10, motor data via Castle ESC: RPM, voltage, current, throttle, etc.
Storage 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB
RF Link[5] Integrated 2.4 GHz ISM, 100 mW, 5+ mi LOS
Integrated 900 MHz ISM, 1 W, 40+ mi LOS
Local Output UART or Ethernet
User Interfacing WIFI, Ethernet , or hand-held console
Electrical V: 6.5–30 V
P: 1 W (typical w/o radio) or 5 W (typical w/ radio)
Mechanical Size: 110.0 x 58.0 x 25.4 mm (4.33 x 2.28 x 1.00 in)
Weight: 150 grams (5.2 oz)
Environmental -20C to 45C, 95% noncondensing humidity


  1. Only one external IMU/GNSS may be used at a time. Choosing an external IMU/GNSS does not preclude the selection both the Internal 9DOF IMU/AHRS and Internal GNSS Module.
  2. 8-bit adjustable amplifiers may be seleccted to increase the sensitivity of analog channels 1-16 and/or 17-32, yielding effective input ranges down to 0-0.05V.
  3. A maximum of 4 serial buses may be used at a time, where each servo bus requires 2 PWM servo inputs.
  4. Up to 18 other input devises may be used at a time, where each 6 inputs require 2 PWM servo inputs.
  5. Only one integrated RF link option may be chosen.

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